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Step 5A. Choose Unique Forms JUST for You.

When done Click Here to Go to Step 5B or click at the bottom of the page.

Attendance Forms, Journal Pages, Year Around Schedule | Tina's Dynamic Homeschool Plus

[Listing forms at the top of this page will help you to see more quickly what you want on this page and scroll down to find the number.]

1.Weekly Tracking/ 2.Attendance Charts/ 3.Year Around Homeschool Schedules/ 4.Curriculum Resource Checklist/ 5. Mission Statement/ 6.Curriculum Weekly Planning Forms/ 7.Reading Log/Reading List/ 8. Day at a Glance Forms/  9. Notes or Journal Pages/ 10.High School Planning Pages

Curriculum Pages for Planner

1. Weekly Tracking.

Purpose of Form: To help you track your time and find the rhythm to your household. Scheduling needs to be on your timetable, not the rest of the homeschooling world.

Our New Bee Homeschool Members need this form for their September homework. You might find you need it as well. This form works well to track your time for a week for several purposes:

You might be new to homeschooling and need to “find” your rhythm. So it helps you to see where you place “items” on your day. Items are grocery shopping, laundry, rest time, work time, family time, etc. Also this form is good if you need to track a diet, work or if your homeschooling day is broken up into chunks. It can help you to manage those times. There is no need for anybody else to see this except you so that you can find where your “troubled” spots are. Print off several and space throughout your planner so you can track your time anytime you feel you are falling behind.

Schedule Your Homeschool Week | Tina's Dynamic Homeschool Plus  Planning a Homeschool Week

Download above here.                                                                            Download above here.

2. Attendance Charts -UPDATED!

Purpose of form: Track attendance. I have updated the attendance form, but have also kept my previous attendance forms below to give you more options. Here is a graphic that explains both options, but read below as I explain about it too.

Attendance Form Homeschool Planner Updated

My love for color has grown since my original Attendance Forms and my previous forms were in need of some color luv.  The Attendance Forms were some of my first forms where I started adding a bit of color not knowing if you would like it or not.  I had just started to move away from creating only black and white copies.

I now know you love all the color collages as much as I do.

Here are a few details about the updated forms:

  • I have 2 options.
  • Both forms have a place for 4 children.  It is not that I have a fondness for the number four (tee hee hee) but that number of columns fits nicely on one page.
  • Both forms have an expanded Key Area. I added a few more codes too AND I created a few blank lines for codes that may be unique for your family and that you need to track.  You just write them in each year.
  • To allow room for the extra key code area because I was already at the bottom of the page, both forms had to be bumped up a bit.  It doesn’t affect binding or anything, I just wanted you to know that height wise it will be a bit taller than the rest of the forms in your planner.  I know, a small detail but those things matter when I create forms.
  • The biggest difference between the forms is that one has a blank area to fill in the month you begin school AND to fill in your semesters.   This allows for a lot more flexibility whether you begin tracking in May, June or July.  The other form follows all the rest of the forms on my 7 Step Homeschool Planner, which run from July to June (academic year) and allow for year around homeschooling.  On this form, the semesters are already filled in too.

Look below at the two different forms.

Updated Attendance Chart 4 kids Academic Year Fill in Months thumb Updated Homeschool Attendance Forms

This one above you add in the months when you begin to homeschool and write in the semesters.

Updated Attendance Chart 4 kids Academic Year thumb Updated Homeschool Attendance Forms

This form matches the rest of my forms that begin on July and go through June for year around homeschooling and it has the months and semesters filled in already.

Download Form Here Where You Add Your Own Month

Download Form Already Filled In.

The forms below here are my previous forms.

Academic Year. 3 Color Choices & 1 Form For An Only Child.

Purpose of form: Track Attendance. There are two choices here depending on how you schedule your school. The charts at the bottom are labeled across the top beginning with July to June to coincide with an academic year. The one chart at the bottom is labeled beginning with January to December if you do not follow the public school schedule but follow more of a physical year.

Even though we don’t have to keep attendance here in Texas, I do from time to time. I do this because I feel as a homeschool Leader, it keeps me accountable for my time I give to my family and to others. So if I need to ever check the “pulse” on my homeschooling journey, I add these in for the year. It especially becomes important to use for the high school years where you do want to keep up with attendance a little better.

This picture shows you how to use it in case all of those lines make you look at it sideways. One thing about forms is that they are no good to the user if the user doesn’t fully utilize their value. So here is a sample picture to explain how to use it. We made it real big so you can see it and explain how to use the chart below.

Attendance Chart | Tina's Dynamic Homeschool Plus

First, I made it so that you can use it with at LEAST 4 children or students on this one page.

(Note: I made a form for one child too if you prefer separate pages. We just like things streamlined. Too, if you have 5 or 6 children, you can still just use two pages.)

Second, each child’s name goes on the line that says student. You noticed I indicated that on the picture with a different color marker for each child.

Third, EACH day of EVERY month is divided on the chart into 4 columns. So one column for each child. The space is just big enough to either fill it in, check it for attendance or put the corresponding letter “S” for sick, “F” for Field Trip, etc.

Are you with me ?

Look at Aug. 1. You see the YELLOW Student 1 and the space for that student corresponds to the YELLOW space on that line. It is the same on that one day for each student.

So you get all 4 kids on one day using 4 columns.

Fourth, the gray lines where the black arrow is pointing to on the left side are there just to help you find your way across as you use it during the year. The gray lines using 5’s increment. So a gray line is on the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th,etc. all the way down the page. Again, it is just so you do not get a headache navigating your way around the chart.

Once you download them, you will see how easy, they are to use.

Remember: Print Front/Back if you have more than 4 children


Download form with red lines here.                      Download form with black lines here.

Download here form with black lines For Only 1 Child

Download form with green lines here.

3a. School Year Around Planning Schedule Following an Academic Calendar. Two  Color Choices.

Purpose of this form: Plan your school year. Created using July to June Academic School year

One of the true gems of homeschooling is to be able to school year around. Look at the sample below to see how I highlighted the days we plan on schooling. I have taken off some in March, almost the complete month of April off, some in Nov and Dec, July and even June. Also I am keeping up with our schedule in both weeks and days. Our days we plan to school are highlighted in light yellow.

Why take ALL of your “Summer Break” in the summer? :o) Take some in the spring, some in the fall or some in the summer.

You can download it under the sample picture to study it if you like to.

My Sample One Year To Show You How to Use Year Around Homeschool Schedule

Year Around Scheduling

 Download Sample here if you want to look it over.

Sample How to use Homeschool Year Around Schedule

I have added an improved key to the bottom of the school around planning schedules. The above picture is at the bottom of the forms now. Goal is on there because that is what it is. Don’t beat yourself up when it doesn’t match reality or achieved.  Mine never does each year and it won’t because we are imperfect and life happens. You can count on that. I know for me though, I meet way more goals than I ever would have if I had not planned.

Also I separated out Holidays from days off from school on the legend. For a lot of homeschoolers holidays do not always equal to a day off for various reasons. Homeschoolers come from a wide variety of backgrounds and I respect that. So this allows you to mark holidays so you know what is going on in the community but it may not necessarily be a day off from school for you. The yellow indicates yellow highlighter and the blue indicates a blue highlighter. Something else that I added to the legend this year is to note the end of the 1st quarter, 1st semester,etc. You may or may not want to use this but it helps me in noting those dates so that I can switch out unit themes or start another study like geography. Doing one subject like geography for one quarter and say art for another is how successful educators get “it all in”. I left those boxes blank because you may want to circle those dates, write them in, use a highlighter or use some other symbol.

Current Year 2015 to 2016 – More Color Choices Coming!!


Download above Option 1 here

3b. School Year Around Planning Schedule Following a Physical Year Calendar.

Current Year 2015

         2015 Year Around Planning Schedule

Download Pink Smudge Above Here.                 Download Mint Luv Here.


Next Year 2016


4. Curriculum Resource Checklist – Editable Too! Up to 4 students on one page.

Purpose of Form. Can you remember which resource is for which child during which term? This form should be used in your planner to help you see which resources you will be using with which child and for which term. {keep it straight ma’am}

In addition, because you might not use the same resources for the 1st semester as you would the 2nd semester or even each quarter, this is NOT called a YEARLY Curriculum Resource Checklist.

The very name “year” implies one does not have flexibility or that you are “locked’ in to using the same resources or curriculum for the whole year.

If you find that the same resources will be used for your whole school year, simply type in the current school year.

Look at my example here that is in my planner for the first part of Jan. 2011. It is only for the 2nd semester. These were not all the same resources I used for the WHOLE year.  This reminds me of what I will be using this next period to finish up our school year.

In other words, you will need at least 1 per child and more if you switch around in the year. Me? I normally have 2 per child or 1 per semester per child.

Curriculum Resources Curriculum Resources List

My Sample Copy for You to Visualize.                                 Editable for you. Download Curriculum Resource here.

5. Mission Statement

Purpose of Form: Put into words what you want at the beginning, middle and end of this journey. Every year some things will change and some things will not. Highlighting what your goals are each year will keep them fresh in your mind and help you to navigate your way

Homeschool Mission    Homeschool Goals and Mission

Download Turquoise Mission here                                              Download Red and Gray Mission here

6. Weekly Planning – Same Form – 3 Color Choices and 1 Black/White

 Purpose of Form: This is a weekly glance (that means brief notes if you want to plan a week ahead.

 Why is this not a weekly glance at my home, my whole life and my school form? That is what a family calendar is for that is in a place for all the family members to see.

 This form was designed only for planning your school. Some people may think that its more organized to have your whole life on one planner. It may be if you aren’t homeschooling. Organizing and homeschooling is a slightly different lifestyle. The fact is that you do control your school time and you do not need to clutter up your curriculum planner. You should know ahead of time before you plan school that week that you have a dr’s appointment, field trip, etc and that is noted on your form for that purpose only.

 Because some people may need to see a big picture of school for the week these forms give you a place to glance. Because my planner is daily, some of you might choose to have weekly glances.

 Also another tip for this form is that you can plan one week ahead and if you arrive at that week and prefer to do something different, then just write something different in your daily lesson plan.

 Think of the weekly planning page as a “blue print” of what is to come or what perhaps you planned but did not accomplish. Just like the daily planning page, erasing is NOT encouraged. It is just a “plan” remember. Surrender to it and plan. Go back and make notes. It is for “planning” not lesson making.

 There are small boxes on the form so that you can go back and check off what you actually accomplished and this may help you plan more efficiently to see what you planned versus what was actually accomplished.

Weekly Planning

 Note: The colors on these Weekly Planning pages coordinate with the Notes/Journal Pages below.{keep it pretty too} There is enough variety that they will match with any cover as I used “bars of colors” like the sample above. So each Weekly Planning pages have the bars of colors AND you can choose either the bar of squares or bars of dots. Mix and match and have fun! Not quite as fun as shopping for a diamond ring, but almost.  I included a black and white copy too.

Homeschool Weekly Planning PageBlack and white homeschool Planning Page | Tina's Dynamic Homeschool Plus

Download B/W dots here                                                   Download B/W squares here

Multi color homeschool planning pageWeekly Planning Page | Tina's Dynamic Homeschool Plus

Download BBGOY Dots here                                                     Download BBGOY Squares here

Weekly Homeschool Planning PagesWeekly Homeschool Planning Page

Download BPPPB here dots here                                               Download BPPPB squares here

Weekly Homeschool Pages  Multicolor Magenta Homeschool Planning Page | Tina's Dynamic Homeschool Plus

Download PROGB dots here                                                                            Download PROGB squares here

7. Reading Log. Almost as fun as shoe shopping because there are 7 color options to choose from. Choose one color for each child or divide it up by term.

Purpose of Form: To List and Track Reading of Each Child.

A short personal story here: When I started homeschooling I pored over a book written by Irene Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell. It was about how to teach reading and it listed books by genre. As wonderful as it was in helping me to see I needed a balanced reading program, I learned that I didn’t need to know how to teach reading to 30 children only my 3.{quit stressing} So I put the book aside but remembered the wonderful key they used to classify books by and have used it since I started homeschooling. I have incorporated that key, which is a code to the types of genre, in this form.

Even though the key is intended to be used up through 6th grade, I believe it has merit all the way through school. How many of us know how to classify genre?

Once you and your child become familiar with the key or genre overview sheet below, it will be easy to code your reading.

The follow Genre Overview is from Irene C. Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell Reading Logs found here.

 Fiction Genre

Code Genre Definition
TL Traditional Literature Stories that are passed down from one group to another in history. This includes folktales, fables, fairy tales and myths from different cultures. 
 F Fantasy A story including elements that are impossible such as talking animals or magical powers. Make-believe is what this genre is all about. 
 SF  Science Fiction A type of fantasy that uses science and technology (robots,time machines,etc)
RF Realistic Fantasy A story using made-up characters that could happen in real life.
HF Historical Fiction A fictional story that takes place in a particular time period in the past. Often the setting is real, but the characters are made up form the author’s imagination.
 M Mystery A suspenseful story about a puzzling event that is not solved until the end of the story.

HTML Tables

Nonfiction Genre

Code Genre   Definition
 I Informational Texts that provide facts about a variety of topics (sports, animals, science, history, careers, travel, geography, space, weather,etc)
B  Biography The story of a real person’s life written by another person.
AB Autobiography  The story of a real person’s life that is written by that person. 
P Poetry {note: this is really “other genre” but for sake of organization I am putting this genre here.} Poetry is verse written to create a response of thought and feeling from the reader. It often uses rhythm and rhyme to help convey its meaning. 

HTML Tables

About how to use the form:{it may be easier to download the form below as I explain it to you} Once you and your child become familiar with the above table, then it’s easy to use the form. I did put the key at the top of the form for easy reference; Then select either Fiction or Nonfiction then put the code in the box.

At the bottom of the form for each book is a way to track reading. “Ch” represents Chapters. Simply check off the chapter number as your child goes along reading each chapter or have them do it. This makes it easy to glance and see where child is in their reading instead of trying remember in your head or ask them each time.

In addition, if there are more chapters than listed {30 are on the form} there is a blank grid below to fill in. Also you may want to just use the bottom blank grid and keep up with the chapters by using 2’s, 3’s, or 5’s. Use the blank grid if need be to customize how you want to track.

Also, because some books are just “way out there” on the number of chapters they have, you can simply fill in the number of pages. {My oldest son just read one that had 80 chapters – who puts that many chapters in a book? It happens and it was an informational book. Each chapter was only like 5 pages long because they quickly switched topics} In that case you can just use “Number of Pages” and fill in Date/Started and Date/Completed. The form was designed for any age reader and flexibility.

blue Homeschool Reading Log | Tina's Dynamic Homeschool Plus

 This is only one sample page. I have 7 color choices. They match the weekly planning pages above.
Download BBGOY {shown above}   Download PROGB or Orange here,  Download PROGB or Magenta here,  Download BPPPB or Pink here,  Download BPPPB or Brown here,  Download Black/White here,  Download BBGOY or Green here

8. Day at a Glance

Purpose of Form: Some big picture people feel comfort in writing things down in more than one place and need to see it all.

I have created a few forms to help them along but encourage you to divide it out. Use a Home Management Binder and a visual central command center in your kitchen or other area that is used by all of your family members to see. I believe that simplifies tasks, but again to help you along I created a few forms so you don’t give up all your creature comforts as you learn to organize.

I am putting what I call my “classic” or original forms here because I had many requests for them when I took them down to do an updo to this  form.

 Click  here to download the black and white form.   Click here to download the purple form like this one. Click here to download the pink form like this one.

Another choice is coming soon!

9. Journal Pages or Notes. 7 Color Options.

Note: These journal pages match in color to the weekly planning pages above in Number 6. Instead of putting a picture of all 8 pages, look above at Number 6 to see your favorite colors then download the same journal page below or mix and match.

Tina's Dynamic Homeschool Plus   Download Black/White Squares here, Download BPPB Circles here, Download PROGB Circles here,  Download BBGOY Squares here,  Download BPPB Squares here, Download PROGB Squares here,  Download Black/White Circles here.


10. High School Planning Pages. Editable – More In Depth Progress Report Can Be Used For Any Age, But Probably Best for Older Children/Teens. I have K Progress Report & Student Monthly Progress Report on Page Step 5b Too.

Purpose of Form: Help Plan High School and determine your grading scale.  Also after driving courses and to get your teens on your insurance some providers give you a discount if your student has good grades. I had to prepare progress reports midterm to show my son’s grades.

Sample of How to Use Editable Progress Report

Homeschool Progress ReportDownload Editable Progress Report Card here.


I did want to share this picture with though it’s a tad bit out of focus. Tiny was on the other end but I do kid friendly pictures.  But, this was the day Mr. Senior 2013 finally got his driver’s license.  What a patient kid when all of that stuff hit us while I was in the middle of teaching him to drive.

After that jubilant day, the fun day came for insurance. The insurance company gives a discount for good grades in school and needed a current progress report. Oh yippee, I needed another form and figured you would need one like this too sometime or the other.

Since I need something a little more official looking than the pretty progress report  (Option 16) I already have on the site, which is basically used to satisfy reporting for those that live in countries/states like this, I put this report together. It really acts as our final report card too.  It is editable and I am in love with it. It worked just perfectly when I sent it to our insurance guy. The only parts not editable are the comments and the signature which are normally done hand written.

High School Courses | Tina's Dynamic Homeschool Plus  Planning Homeschool High School Graduation | Tina's Dynamic Homeschool Plus

Download 4 Yr High School Plan                                              Download Course for Graduation & Credit Planning

Homeschool Transcript | Tina's Dynamic Homeschool Plus

Click Here to Download an Editable Homeschool High School Transcript in Word

Click Here for Step 5b. Choose MORE Unique Forms Just For You

If you need to Go Back:

Click Here for Step 1 Choose a Pretty Front & Back Cover.

Click Here for Step 2 Choose Calendars & Appointment Keepers

Click Here for Step 3  Choose Goals & Objectives

Click Here for Step 4 Choose Lesson Planning Pages


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  1. Katelyn
    Katelyn says:

    Good day ma’am I just want to thank you so much for creating this blog with the free printable especially. I’m starting homeschooling this year currently waiting for my books and was wondering if you could perhaps give me tips and guidance? my family thought that homeschooling was a completely bad idea…some still do but I have a strong feeling that homeschooling will change my whole outlook on school (in a good way). I’m in grade 11 this year also known as junior year and my moms a single parent so the free printable planner helps a lot considering we can’t just afford to buy a planner. thank you do much once again :)

    • Tina Robertson
      Tina Robertson says:

      Hi Katelyn,

      Well I applaud you in taking a hand in your own education. And you are so welcome for this blog. I am sorry it takes me a bit longer to reply to you, but I reply as fast as I can because I do get overwhelmed with emails but each one is important to me. I think the most important thing to remember Katelyn is that this is YOUR education meaning there is no need to sit back and wait for it to come to you. Have you and your mom go through my free bootcamp on this page here.
      It will help you come with not just what folks may think is “kooaid” but real true stats on how well homeschoolers actually do. In that same series I have tips and suggestions on schedules to.

      Let your mom know you posted here because as a mom I would want to know where my sons were posting at and glad to have you here.

    • Tina Robertson
      Tina Robertson says:

      Hi Leanna,

      I normally do those during the fall, but do you need them now? I am assuming that when you use the forms planning by the physical year that you are schooling in another country or starting your school year in January. If not, please let me know because it affects the way I share my printables with you and I make my printables for me and you!

  2. Leeanna Howard
    Leeanna Howard says:

    We school all year round, I am in Ga. We are starting our next year in May, so I need both 2014 and 2015. I have everything else printed I just need the all year round schedule and 2015 two page spread, that I commented on. Just trying to get it printed and bound before we start our new year, in May!

      • Kathy
        Kathy says:

        Hi Tina,
        I LOVE your sheets and ideas. I’ve been following you for two years now.

        I noticed in Leeanna’s comment she starts her tracking in May for Ga. The group I’m with in SC starts in June. I was wondering would it be possible to have an attendance chart in the trimesters with blank months. That way we can put down what works for our needs.
        In addition, have some extra room for other letter codes ~ ie : The S = sick, H = Holiday, F = Field Trip area.
        We don’t have music day, art day, it blends into our days. I had to white out those things and fill in what we did. V = volunteering, L= Lab, T = Latin, and such.
        It may help others in the future.

        Thanks SO much for all your hard work and thinking of us!

        • Tina Robertson
          Tina Robertson says:

          Hi Kathy,
          First, THANK YOU for being here and following! I always, always welcome comments because this is YOUR planner too!

          Yes, yes that would possible and a great idea!! I probably over obsess about options just because, well — you know– I love them and we need them!! Everybody has different circumstances AND circumstances change each year and our planner must too. I certainly can add that! Right now, I have some other forms I have been planning that I am finishing up, but think I can put this at the top of the list for the next project.

          Thanks for following and you are so welcome!! Thanks for your comment today! I value it!

  3. Kimberly Colapietro
    Kimberly Colapietro says:

    Hi Tina,
    For some reason the lines on the notes page are not printing for me. I have changed my ink and set the print quality to best and still no luck. Do you have any suggestions on what else I might try? Thank you so much.

    • Tina Robertson
      Tina Robertson says:

      Hi Kimberly,

      First, I am sorry that you are having trouble. I hate that! So frustrating I know. I do know that when that has happened before it usually is a MAC or a browser problem. Don’t know why. Some things stump me too. Try this, use a different browser and reader too. Are you a Mac user? If not, try a different browser like Firefox.

  4. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    I have been following you for a long time. I started when you were 2 dynamic moms. I only have 1 child that I am homeschooling this year will be my challenge as I had to go back to work. I start at 6 am and work til 2 so i have to figure out how to fit a school schedule in. Any helpful ideas would be great. I live in the sunshine state so we have a lot of opportunity for things. Someone suggested I do unit studies I don’t know where to begin to look for anything. Do you have any forms for just 1 child other than the attendance record?

    • Tina Robertson
      Tina Robertson says:

      Oh my goodness, I am so glad you are here and so sorry it took me a while to reply. But you caught me right in the middle of merging my dynamic 2 moms and my blog. I would love to be able to use your question for a dynamic reader question and answer it publicly on the blog. Do you mind if I do that? Of course, I would not use your email or anything like that, but I think some of my other readers could find the answer to this question helpful. You can email me at tina@tinasdynamichomeschoolplus.com since this comment I think is not showing up on the merged page. What other forms are you wanting for one child? I might be able to create something special if you tell me your needs. Thank you for following for so long, it means a lot!!!

  5. CeCe
    CeCe says:

    Reading log question: I’m going to be homeschooling my 2nd grade daughter. Her reading level is not on 2nd grade; so she will be reading many, many very very short books to get her level up. I feel like using this form would cause me to use a ton of paper just to notate books with, like, 5 to 10 pages. Has anyone found that? Anyone know if I will be required to use a reading log anyway? I’m going to be using the K12 curriculum. (I am going to download this form, though. I can use it for my 4th grader; even though I won’t be homeschooling him. I can use it to keep track of books we read during our daily 20 minute reading time homework assignment )

    • Tina Robertson
      Tina Robertson says:

      Hi Cece,

      I am happy to hear that you will be using curriculum put together your first year. Please, please and PLEASE remember that most laid out curriculum providers including K12 provides MORE THAN enough reading material to fill your needs and sometimes TOO much. Please do not get stressed by what the curriculum says to do. Do the amount of reading that is BEST for you and feels right and ditch the rest. Go YOUR pace and your daughter’s pace. Do not succumb to the thinking that children are not on level. Normally, there is NO BEHIND (unless the child has developmental problems) there is JUST RIGHT and JUST where your child needs to be. She will grow and develop and propel ahead some years and what seems like idle at other years. It is all normal and she will be okay and so will you :o) Love her, hold her, focus on LOVING the process of reading!

      Unless you are in state that requires record keeping, there is NO have to for any form.

      My suggestion for you instead of using my reading log this first year is to copy the list of books that came with your curriculum and stick in your planner and then highlight or check off which ones you actually read. It is perfect to use it though for tracking your daily 20 minute time for your 4th grader.

      Just my humble suggestion and so glad to have you here!! I hope that helps some.

  6. Christina B.
    Christina B. says:

    This is my first year as a homeschool mom and your help has saved me BIG TIME!! I appreciate you taking the time to post these for others to use for free. This is such a costly experience but a great one. Everything that I have found in the store was just not what I had visioned. I was about to sit down and create every one that I wanted and needed but having no idea what that really was I started searching and saved so much time by using yours. May you be blessed 100 fold for the BLESSING this has brought to me and my family. Organization is VERY IMPORTANT for my family and this is FANTASTIC!

    • Tina Robertson
      Tina Robertson says:

      Christina, such a nice comment! You made it worth every hour of every year I have put into this project. I know I appreciate when others share freely things that come natural for them and surely not for me. And besides what good does this do me keeping it to myself? I love the homeschooling community and this way of life and am so glad even if in a small way this can bless your family and others. Thanks for being here and thanks for following! It means a lot.

  7. Tammy
    Tammy says:

    This is a great tool! I am having trouble figuring out the editable forms. I tried to download the curriculum resource sheet and it says it will only save a blank copy. How do I save what I edited? Thanks so much!

    • Tina Robertson
      Tina Robertson says:

      Hi Tammy,

      In saving an editable form, it can only be used for saving like a “form” or rather that is the way I created it for several reasons.

      Even if I set it up where you can save typed in text, because it is such an advanced feature that relies on both the program I paid for being updated regularly, the .pdf reader the user is using, the device the user is using and if it is updated too, it can cause for tons of aggravation if I tout that it can be saved with filled in data. If one little thing is not working, the whole form is off.

      Phew….I wanted you to know why! Since the curriculum resource is done like once a year or twice a year or so and because most of my followers prefer not having to worry about whether or not they have updated versions of a pdf reader and using the correct device, I have chosen to leave that option off.

      I hope that makes it easy to understand because I want you to know the reasons and you are so very welcome!! Thanks for being here!

      • Tammy
        Tammy says:

        Thanks for explaining. :) I wasn’t even sure how to fill it in and print it when I originally wrote, but I finally figured that part out. ;-) I totally get why you have it set up that way, I’m just not tech savvy. LOL

  8. Share
    Share says:

    Why not make another option for ‘today’s schedule’ that devotes the entire page only to the half hourly section?

  9. Lorrie
    Lorrie says:

    I am so glad I found your site! So many of your ideas are EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for. I so appreciate your talent for organizing and making tools that are useful for a homeschooling mama!

    I’m working to build my plan book to use this year – better late than never! I was hoping to incorporate the Weekly Planning sheet, but when I download it all of the letters across the top of the chart and along the side are blurred smudges of color (or black/gray – I tried each color combo). I haven’t had any difficulty with the other forms on your site. I did see in comments above that sometimes Mac users have difficulty (I am on a Mac running Firefox). So far everything else is working beautifully, though, so I’m stumped on this one.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to help me with my tech issues!

    • Lorrie
      Lorrie says:


      I figured it out! I read through miles of comments on all of your pages looking for information about Macs. Here’s what I discovered.

      My Mac runs a program called “Preview” that opens downloaded files automatically (I’m sure you can change that, but it is the preset). If I open the Weekly Planning sheet in Preview, some of the text boxes are just blurred smudges. So here’s what I did:
      1. Open the file using Preview (which is what automatically happened when I downloaded it).
      2. Go to “file” and “save as” – save the document somewhere where it is easy to find (I put mine right on the desktop to start with).
      3. Close the Preview app.
      4. Find the file you saved. Left click and choose “open with” and select “adobe reader”. (If your version isn’t updated, it will prompt you to download the updates. Once adobe is up to date, you’ll have to do this step again.)
      5. Once you have the file open in adobe, choose “save as” to save it where you’d like it. Print copies. Celebrate your victory over technology!

      Hopefully this will help you to assist others having this difficulty! Thanks again for sharing all of this lovely planning material. I’m so exited to begin using it!

      • Tina Robertson
        Tina Robertson says:

        LOL LOL Lorrie,

        I am SO glad you are here and posted this. I have not had time to go back to answer you on your first comment because I get a good amount of emails this time of year and just take my time going through each one.

        But this is a KEEPER for all those MAC users who ask me and we try to figure it out after numerous emails.. Thank You so MUCH for posting this to help other users and I am glad you figured it out too.

  10. Julie
    Julie says:

    Thanks for the time you have taken to create these forms…they will be a great help as we enter our high school planning years. You are a blessing!

    • Tina Robertson
      Tina Robertson says:

      You are so welcome Julie.

      I LOVE the high school years. They are not as hard as some think and surely a lot more enjoyable when you have a young adult by your side now.

      Savor them!! (both the young adult and the time..lol)

  11. Heather
    Heather says:

    Thank you so so much for such a awesome planner and offering it for FREE! That is so awesome, and generous!

    I do have one teensy tiny request though, is there any way of getting the black and white attendance chart that we fill in ourselves? (primarily the months!). Thanks so much!

    • Tina Robertson
      Tina Robertson says:

      Welcome Heather and I always, always take suggestions.

      I am a bit confused though and sometimes email can be dumb that way.
      But, I have black and white attendance forms.

      Can you tell me which number form you are talking about on this page? That way I know which form you are talking about :o)


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