7 Step Curriculum Planner – Please Read First

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If you have used my 7 Step Homeschool Planner before, then for your quick reference I have listed each page or step below!

7 Easy Steps – “Tons of Options & Pretty Color”

Step 1. Choose a Pretty Front/Back Cover

Step. 2. Choose Calendars/Appointment Keepers

Step 3. Choose Goals/Objectives

Step 4. Choose Lesson Planning Pages Right For You!

Step 5a. Choose Unique forms JUST for You! Not a kazillion other people

Step 5b. Choose MORE Unique Forms JUST for You!

Step 5c. Choose MORE MORE Unique Forms Just for You! lol

Step 6. Personalize It

Step 7. Bind it! Love it!

Also, at the bottom of each page or step as you build your unique planner, I have linked the next page or step for you.  If you are new to my 7 Step Homeschool Planner, please start reading at the “Original DIY Step by Step” section below as  I want you to understand this process.  It won’t take long, but I give you organization tips as you go along.

After you read the section below, I again link each step or page at the bottom of this page as I help you to organize your content and planner.  Painless organizing, I promise!

“The Original DIY Step By Step Planner”

Get a one of a kind planner by mixing and matching the free pages here on my  blog and the for purchase pages in my store. Who wants one giant download of pages that are all the same? Pay or not pay for exactly what you want.

I have created a new shop with plus pages meaning the pages use classic fonts. In other words, not free fonts. Too, the forms generally require more time to create. My planner will stay free as I am determined to keep it that way. However, if you would like more unique options, more plus pages will be added to my shop so that you can upgrade parts of  your planner or all of it if you want.

For example, you may prefer an upgraded cover so purchase just that and use everything else here that is free. Or, maybe you want a free cover and premium lesson planning pages with color. Then grab the color lesson planning pages in my store. Again, you decide if you want the whole planner free or pay for a few upgrades.

You are at the right place if you want a planner that is unique.

 Step by Step Guide to Creating your own UNIQUE Planner. “You can’t rush perfection!” So take your time. Revisit this page after EACH step. Each step may consist of several pages. It’s a lot, but I’ll walk you through it.

I have created a STEP BY STEP guide to building your own customized planner along with extra forms.

Simply put, my Curriculum Planner, Student Planner and Home Management Binder are a work of my  heart! I am glad you are here to benefit from it. {Please do not host these files on your site.}

This planner will TAKE TIME to build,  but once you do it once or twice you will understand my method. TAKE YOUR TIME to build it so that you have ALMOST PERFECTLY what you want. Take a breather if you need to by just remembering which STEP you are on and come back to it.

Build your own unique planner and savor the organizational tidbits shared along the way on each page and on each form. There are 7 steps to building the planner but each step has SEVERAL options to help you determine which form/s are best suited for your needs. Print off all the forms you like. There is no right or wrong, just what is right for you.

About the Type of Planner Created Here.

By reading this section below you understand how this planner is intended to be used and get the most out of it.

A. It is a Daily Planner.

I am not impressed with weekly planners. There is never enough room to write. A weekly overview is good but I just don’t feel weekly planners have enough detail. I have a weekly form that you can ADD to your planner to see a weekly glance but there is more room to “plan” when it is daily.

B. Printed on both Sides.

All my forms are lined up so that most can be printed on front or back. There are a few pages like my 2 page calendar spread that do have specifics on which side to print. Do not waste paper.

C. Used for Multiple Ages.

Even though I have the undated 180 page lesson planner divided up into 3 sections, it can be used with up to 6 children. Draw a line in between each of the 3 sections and you now have 6 sections.  Also, you can divide one section for younger toddlers or preschoolers where less room may be needed. In addition, I have a different form for families that are larger. They have unique needs.

D. Pages are undated.

By having an undated Lesson Plan and you filling in the date, you can skip school on days you need to and pick back up without erasing. Talking about erasing, that brings me to this next point.

E.  No ERASING Allowed {please}

One of my biggest pet peeves about lesson planning is the view that because one is using paper/pen we need to erase.

We do not and here is why. Lesson Planning is just as much about journaling after we school as it is planning slightly ahead. Do NOT make the mistake like I did one year and plan the WHOLE year {yep that is right and yes I had TONS of time in it and immediately was “behind” but I learned a very,  very valuable lesson}.

Life is not planned always and so our homeschool journey cannot be. Life is partly made up of appointments and partly unplanned and just “living”. This lesson planner needs to be utilized the same way. Plan generally, fill in your planner after you school specifically. By saving a part of your schedule each day at the end of your school day just like a public teacher does, you can plan for the “immediate future”. The immediate future is next week, tomorrow or a few days NOT the whole month. In addition, a huge advantage to this method is that you adjust lesson plans quickly, that day if necessary if something is not working which is the whole reason a lot of us homeschool in the beginning.

F. Coil Bind, {not notebook, not comb binding- there is a difference}.

Because you are not sure what you may want in your planner, a lot of homeschoolers may think that a Notebook style planner would be good because you can add to it. But I do not feel it is and this is why. You will be constantly aggravated by it and tempted to keep adding “perfect forms” {do not exist} because you have not reigned yourself in to use a system. An unorganized person is one who constantly wants to keep adding to a system instead of utilizing one that is close to what they need. Organization is about sticking to a system not constantly adding more work for yourself. Come over, come over {can you hear me tenderly calling} to the organized side and breathe easy by using what you selected and learning more about yourself as to what you like or don’t like. The next one you make will be even better, just don’t aggravate yourself. In addition, notebooks are bulky and hard to write in with the 3 rings that seem to get in the way. Notebooks work good for timelines and notebooking where you are constantly adding content. That is NOT what you want to do with this planner.

How to use the Step by Step Guide –  Don’t miss anything!

Each step has MULTIPLE options. This does not mean you have to only choose 1 option. You may choose to print off ALL the options. Each step may provide multiple color choices and layouts and it is the same for each option. In other words, I have not created ONE planner and ask you to use it for your unique family. But I have created ALL the forms needed to go into a planner and then some. You can decide what is best for your family on each step.

Advantages of an Undated Planner

1.In thinking about Teachers Manuals, they are NOT dated but are numbered — revolutionary thought uh? lol

2. The homeschooling family lifestyle is ever changing and one advantage to homeschooling is flexibility.

With a dated curriculum planner, it can make one feel “behind” if you skip a few days of school to care for “life”.

3. My undated Curriculum Planner though does not mean unorganized, it is organized. It is NUMBERED. This allows you to “see” where in YOUR school year you are regardless of when you start. No more “skipped” pages or wasted paper because you had to skip one or more days. Too, each page has a place for you to fill in the date.

Also, on pages 45, 90, 136 and 180 I have listed quarters. At page 90 is a notation for 1st semester and end of 2nd semester on 180 to flag “benchmark” days for your easy planning.

4. Some homeschooling families begin their school year with the physical year of January to December and not the academic year of August to May. This planner can be used at ANYTIME that suits your family whether you follow an academic year, physical year or any other time of the year.

5. You simply stop lesson planning when you need to—-take off a week or two if you are year around schooling—then pick back up with the next page.

Understand the printing process before you start printing – no waste!

Understanding the printing/coil binding process some now will save you a costly mistake.

As mentioned, this planner is designed to use BOTH sides of the page and LEFT refers to the left side when the planner is laying flat and RIGHT refers to the right side when planner is laying flat. I know this sounds crazy, but it makes more sense when you start printing as you are just giving the 180 page download.

The LEFT side or ODD Pages are moved over on the page to the left more to allow for coil binding in the middle.

Likewise with the pages that are for the RIGHT side or the EVEN pages are moved over to the right more to allow for coil binding in the middle.

Print the EVEN pages first.

This ASSUMES that your printer prints from the largest quantity (or Page 180) and then back to the small quantity or (Page 1).

It was easier for me to simply print EVENS first then ODDS instead of doing double sided printing since my printer has that capability.

Last pointer: If you don’t all ready know which way your paper feeds into the printer, try a few sample pages before you print ALL the ODDS. Tip: Be sure you notice how your paper is stacked in the tray BEFORE you pull it out so you will know what your printer is doing.

Is it numbering from largest quantity or page 180 to page 2? Then you need to follow my directions. If not, test a few pages first.

For my printer, since page 180 is out first, I have to re-stack the whole pile that comes out with page 179 on top instead of page 2 so that when it is printed it is numbered correctly.

Printing tip from one of our members named “Our Family is His”. She said “When you have your nice stack of sheets numbered from 2 to 180 do everything the same BUT click the box next to “REVERSE PAGES”. Then load your stack as it was printed (properly positioned so it prints on the back like we mentioned). It will pull page 1 on the back of page 2 and so on all the way to the end without you have having to hand restack. Just that simple and click.”

Let’s Start Building YOUR ALMOST Perfect Planner. Click Below on Step 1.

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Curriculum Planner for Homeschool



  1. Rachel says


    I have really enjoyed making my binders the past two years. We had been following a structured curriculum, and so filling them out was pretty easy.

    I had downloaded your Unit Study pages when they were free, and this year (now that we will be schooling multiples instead of just one, and to help get the kids even more interested) I’d like to do Unit Studies. I was looking through your posts on how to plan a unit study, thank you for all your examples!! I am wondering, however, how to put the pages into my binder? I don’t know how long each unit will take, and am assuming, reading your posts, that unit studies should be taken in stride. Following the lead of the whole family interest they could be long, short and mixed between the two. How do these pages get added into the planner? Is there a better way if I purchased the unit study pages?

    Thank you for all your curriculum planner pages and words of wisdom. Your family is inspiring!


    • says

      Hi Rachel,

      Sorry it is taken me so long to respond, but I get swamped at this time of the year. The updated Unit Study Planner that I have binds the same my curriculum planner does and that is with coil binding.

      I do explain about how many unit studies you can accomplish in one year but the lesson planning pages are separate from tracking how many unit studies to plan. They are separate sections in the unit study planner.

      For example, just because I plan one year in my binder doesn’t mean I will use it that year. I might save it for next year. So the Unit Study Planner is part planner and part tracker.

      I just encourage you to print off how many lesson planning pages you need for your year. Focus on that instead of worrying how many pages you will use for the actual planning.

      For example, decide if you school year round or follow a traditional public school schedule. Think about it this way if you do a unit study a month for a 9 month school year that is at least 9 sets in your planner. More than likely your children will want to move ahead on some unit studies. So having a few more helps. I find that 12-14 sets work good for me.

      Some of it is trial and error while you get the rhythm of how your family wants to learn too.

      I hope that helps some.

  2. Tammy says

    I have my planner all ready to be bound! The lady at the office store is having trouble though. :( She says the sheet protectors are too slippery and won’t stay in place to get the binding on. Do you have any suggestions or ideas I can pass on to them to make it all come together? Thanks!

    • says

      Hi Tammy,

      I apologize for the “lateness” of my comment but somehow this email got lost in my inbox and I just now saw it. Did you get this resolved? Between you and me, that is a “new” person or one who doesn’t want to work with it. In layman’s terms, it’s a bit of griping..lol

      It takes a while to do it. She is just venting. That is her job to do because they have the binding machine. Too, on your part, you can look for page protectors that have a bit of matte finish too.

      Hope that helps.

  3. Giselle says

    Soooo happy I found your page. I was homeschooling for the first time last year. But because my husband was against it. I didn’t quite work like I would have wanted. Still feel in my heart that is the best thing for my family. Praying so God can change my husbands heart. At the beginning everything was going quite well. I got sick in the second semester (anxiety disorder cause by my thyroid disorder). Hope I can resume my homeschooling journey at least for next year. I want to be prepare. Kids are begging to be homeschooled again. Let’s see what happens. You are an inspiration. Thanks

    • says

      OH Giselle, my heart goes out to you. Don’t be so hard on yourself and for goodness sakes get help when you need it.

      It’s okay. Things never work out like we think they will but doesn’t mean we can’ keep trying.
      Eventually you will find the rhythm for your family.

      I hope your husband can get on board too.

      Let me know how it goes!! Glad to have you here!!

  4. says

    Hi Tina,

    I’ve tried to sent you an email, guess it went wrong because i cant type the message in the blog.

    I’m a teacher in holland and i found your blog because of pinterest when i was searching for a student planner. I like your student planner font 2 very much. These week i tried the planner in my class. My pupils and I would like to make some changes in the planner so that it works better for us in the classroom.
    The changes I want to make in the planner does not work on the planner I can download from your blog. I hope you will help me with this?

    Kind regards Renate

    • says

      Hi Renate.

      Glad to have you here and good to know the student planner is working for your class.

      Yes that is correct, my copyright states that my forms cannot be changed or edited by someone.

      However, I can edit them and change them and would be delighted to do that for you and for your classroom use.

      Email me at: tina@tinasdynamichomeschoolplus.com with the changes you like to be made.
      Thanks so much!

  5. Jamie Fullman says

    Hi, I have read all about the seven different steps and have already chosen a front and back cover. It makes sense to me about the layout of each page being shifted for the binding. However, why can’t I just use the double sided option on my printer? Thanks so much for all you do! I appreciate all your hard work and effort to help all of us homeschoolers.

    • says

      Hi Jamie,

      Great to have you here!

      You would think that would be the way to go and it may be on some sections, but here is why I don’t and what to watch for. I hope this doesn’t sound like jibberish, but makes sense too:

      Since the pages are a two page spread (meaning you have a right and left hand page), when you print double sided without “minding it”, the first left side page will have the “right” side printed on the back of it instead of the first left page being blank on the back side of it. Unless I added a blank page to every stack, to “throw it off one”, it will have the right hand side printed on the left side page.

      So you can print it double sided and then simply print the first page over again AND print one more “right” side page (which will be blank on the back of it) for your last left hand side page.

      I just didn’t suggest that way because you would have to throw away the first left hand side page and print one again that is blank on the other side and the same way for the last left hand side page.

      You can certainly do it that way if wanted to throw away the first and last pages in your stack and print one more right hand side page for your last left hand page. Your choice.

      I just suggested the odd and even pages so there would not be any waste, but completely up to you!

      Hope that makes sense!!

  6. Bridget says

    Trying to get (re)organized for the Spring. Thank you!!! This looks fabulous and will be a big help. I really appreciate your generosity of spirit in sharing this with the slightly organizationally challenged among us (who me?!).

    • says

      Hey Bridget.

      You are getting a good head start. You are so very welcome and I do try to make it easy for those challenged because it is the only way to embrace the fresh air of organization.
      Glad to have you here.

  7. Shannon says

    Hi Tina!

    I was wondering what kind of paper you use? Do you use regular computer paper, or a thicker card stock type? Mainly for the cover is what I’m looking for! Anyway, this is my 3rd time using your genius planner!!! I LOVE IT!

    Shannon 😀

    • says

      Hey Shannon,

      Love having you here!! It depends sometimes on the cover ,but for the past couple of years, I print it off on photo paper because the color POPS. Even if I get laminated, which I normally do, the color is still pretty sharp.

      It took me about 3 or 4 years to figure that out because I used cardstock thinking I needed it for durability. But then I finally realized that laminated is good enough so I didn’t need cardstock. Then I used regular paper for about 3 years, then played with photo paper and love it.

      I’ll be updating my notes too because I love the way it looks on photo paper because it is TRUE color. Each printer makes the color different but photo paper is the secret!!
      Again, glad to have you here!!

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