31 Day Free Homeschool Boot Camp

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If you wish to purchase just one of the New Bee Bundles, you can purchase it from this page at the bottom.

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  31-Days-of-Boot-Camp-For-New-Homeschoolers-@-Tinas-Dynamic-Homeschool-Plus G

This boot camp was created because it is my heart’s desire that any  new or struggling homeschooler obtain some training before they embark on this daunting, but amazing journey of homeschooling.

Taking time to educate yourself instead of focusing only on curriculum for your children will help you to avoid the pitfalls common to first year  homeschoolers.

31 Day Homeschool Bootcamp

There is no way in one boot camp that I am able to share all that I have shared throughout my many years of personally helping new homeschoolers, but I sure try.

 Also though, I wanted to help smooth the path of new homeschoolers for their new homeschool beginnings. So not only do I offer this boot camp free, but I have a free 2 hour workshop along with a comprehensive outline for you to download. Click here to go to my other website, New Bee Homeschooler and view: Here We Go and grab your outline.

 If you are interested in purchasing and viewing my workshops right away, you can purchase at the bottom of this page.

 Enjoy this boot camp

When you don’t know where to begin…….. We Do!

Start With the Basics Days 1 - 7

1 31 Days of BootCamp 3.18.2013 Day 1 Learn the Lingo Then Go 2 31 Days of BootCamp 3.18.2013  Day 2 Homeschool Roots Matter 3 31 Days of BootCamp 3.18.2013 Day 3 What is NOT Homeschooling

4 31 Days of BootCamp 3.18.2013 Day 4Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace Day 4 Day 5 Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round 6 1 Days of BootCamp 3.18.2013 Day 6

31 Days of BootCamp 3.18.2013 Day 7

Homeschool Organization 101

 Day 8 Organize Your Home Then School | Tina's Dynamic Homeschool Plus  Day 9 Carpe Diem Homeschool Scheduling | Tina's Dynamic Homeschool Plus Day 10 Grocery Shopping Cooking Laundry Oh My | Tina's Dynamic Homeschool Plus

 Homeschool Learning Space  Day 12 Homeschool Creative Storage Spaces  Day 13

 Day 14

Curriculum, Teaching & Instruction

 Day 15   Homeschool Learning Styles How to Choose Curriculum | Tina's Dynamic Homeschool Plus

Homeschooling with Young Children | Tina's Dynamic Homeschool Plus   Guiding Older Children In Homeschooling Lesson Planning Homeschooling

Homeschool Teaching Tips

When It Happens

  Preschool and Homeschool But the dear doesn't want to homeschool Choosing Unique Homeschool Curriculum | Tina's Dynamic Homeschool Plus

Homeschool and Highschool | Tina's Dynamic Homeschool Plus Rebel Or Resister Are You the Cause Day 27 Homeschool Rut | Tina's Dynamic Homeschool Plus

Homeschool Overload

Never Give Up Days 29 thru 31

Reaching Homeschool Goas | Tina's Dynamic Homeschool Plus

Continue on with our program? Purchase below.

Why Our Program Is Unique

Curriculum For the Home Educator!

Unlike most e-books and programs based solely on one person’s homeschool experience, my program is based not just on my own experience alone, but from actually tutoring many new homeschoolers, conducting physical workshops, counseling and supporting hundreds and hundreds of new homeschoolers through the years. I have tutored new homeschoolers for 10 years and still going!

New Bee Homeschooler Workshop 2 New Bee Homeschooler Workshop

workshops for new homeschoolers new homeschooler workshop by Tina @ Tina's Dynamic Homeschool Plus

Why web workshops? Leading workshops for new homeschoolers in physical locations here in Texas, I always felt tied to helping only those that could travel to meet with me.

Now, I “travel” to meet you via my web workshops. My program can be delivered straight to your home and viewed at your convenience. You decide when to purchase and how fast you want to go through each web workshop. This past year our program has seen tremendous growth in helping homeschoolers everywhere and many overseas too. I am grateful to now have this store front to bring these links to view the workshops instantly.

Also, because sometimes you may want to pick up and go and not watch web workshops, the Money Smart bundle allows you to download all the mp3’s and you can listen at your leisure and get started right away.

I know you too will benefit from the program as Kelley and I have helped many new homeschoolers place one foot in front of the other as they started down this daunting, but memorable path. I will be here every bit of the way via the web workshops.

* Free* Workshop #1
“Here We Go!”

 What is homeschooling? Is there a “right” way? How do I define education? Do I need to test? What are some helpful tools to make my journey successful? Come ready to be encouraged.

This first workshop is free so that you get a “taste” for our program.

Click here to go to our site newbee homeschooler to view: Here We Go! (Time: Approx 2 hours)   

Workshop #2
“Sidetracked Home Educators”

Organizing your time and home. What about schedules and lesson planning? How can I balance homeschooling and housework? How is it possible to be less stressed by being more organized? Organizational tips to help bring peace to your homeschooling journey.

Workshop #3

“God’s Gifted Children”

 What are learning styles and how will knowing about them help me to teach my child? How can I minimize the frustrations in teaching my child and maximize our time spent together? Find out how to use your child’s natural way of learning, his gift, to help him succeed in his educational journey.

Workshop #4

“The A to Z’s of Picking Curriculum”

 Are you marooned on “schooling method” island? This workshop is designed to help you navigate through the many curriculum choices available and learn what homeschooling method best fits
your family.


Workshop #5

“I Don’t Wanna”

 Do you feel like you’re teaching the strong-willed child? How do I deal with the dreaded “hormones”? How do I stop thinking like the public school and start thinking like a homeschooler? Strategies for teaching challenging children without breaking their spirit.

Workshop #6
“From Dr. Seuss to 7th Grade”

 How do I educate my toddlers and preschoolers and still keep my sanity? When, how and what do I teach my child in each grade? What does multi-level teaching mean? After this workshop, you will walk away with a plan for teaching Pre-K to 7th grade.

Workshop #7
“Schooling Your Teen–Preparing for High School”

 Are you struggling with record keeping? What about teaching those tough subjects? How do I prepare a transcript? Who decides when my highschooler graduates and what tests does he need to take? Come ready to discover that, while you are still your child’s best and first teacher, it does not mean that you have to do all the teaching.

Workshop #8
“After the First Year”

 Success is what we are all looking for in our journey. Since our journey can be wrought with failures and disappointment, how I can stay the course and re-evaluate when necessary? Is fear of failure hampering your progress? Is a support group really necessary?

If you have any questions on the Money Smart Bundle or the Ultimate New Beginners Bundle, please email us at newbeehomeschooler @ yahoo dot com.

Money-Smart-Bundle g   Ultimate-New-Beginners-Bundle g

  New Homeschooler Boot Camp

Money Smart Bundle

  •  7 Downloadable Workshops in mp3 format
  • Comprehensive Guide book 171+ page {Includes workshop outlines, visuals and resources}
  • Each workshop averages 2 hours
  • Instant Download


Sometimes you just want to listen to the workshops, download the comprehensive e-book guide and go!


New Homeschooler Boot Camp

Ultimate Bundle for New Beginners

  •  1 Month to View 7 Web Workshops
  • 7 Downloadable Workshops in mp3 format
  • Comprehensive Guide e-book 171+ page {Includes workshop outlines, visuals and resources}
  • Each workshop averages 2 hours.
  • Instant Download of mp3’s and instant viewing of web workshops. Please note that you are downloading the e-book and mp3’s, but only viewing the web workshops. The workshops are 7 different videos but you don’t need anything special to view them, just a good internet connection. It is your responsibility to be sure you have a good connection.


What is the main difference between the two bundles? The Money Smart Bundle is downloadable audio only of our New Bee Program. The Ultimate New Beginners Bundle has not only the downloadable audio to listen to later, but you also get to view all the web workshops. You get a month to view all 7 workshops. Sometimes you just need to not only hear Tina but watch the workshop to understand some of the things she is talking about.

Is it the same workshop or program offered in both bundles? Yes, we have one program, but we have bundled it up differently so that you decide what is best for you.

Does the comprehensive e-book come with both programs? Yes, after you pay, you get a instant .pdf download to print your e-book. Be sure to save the .pdf so you can print when you are ready.



  1. Renee Hankins says

    Hi Tina and Kelley, Just a heads up you are missing a word in the following phrase at the top of the page before days 1-7 “Enjoy this boot camp when you don’t ??? where to begin……..” love you ladies!!

  2. Rachel says

    THANK YOU!!! This Boot Camp is EXACTLY what I’ve been searching for (I don’t usually use so many caps, that’s just how excited I am)! I will soon be starting the homeschooling journey with my kids, but am very overwhelmed, as I’m sure most parents are at the beginning. This was a great way to get more information in a step-by-step manner, as well as all the great tips from an experienced homeschooler. Thanks again!

    • says

      Hi Rachel,

      I am SO glad to hear from you. And just do not worry about ALL THE CAPS..lol lol. I am so glad to have you and hate that it takes me a while to reply, but each comment is so important to me and I love to reply to individual post here though it may take me a few days. :o) Please know you are right – overwhelmed is normal, just remember to come up for air and do not focus only on what your children need, but on your needs too.

      We as selfless moms need to remember that we can only help our children as long as we take care of our needs too and homeschooling requires a lot of giving in the beginning. Be sure to check out my free workshop too and don’t forget I have my program and otherwise stick around. So glad to have you here and following!!

      I am here for you too Rachel!!

  3. says

    Oh my goodness, I can’t believe I just found your site. I am embarking on my journey of homeschool and have anxiety levels that I didn’t think I’d have. Your site stands out because I haven’t found one that is this thorough. I am at the curriculum choosing stage, and feel like there are 100 paths in front of me to take and it feels like I can make the wrong choice. I am going to back up a bit and read your Boot Camp for newbies and see what else I can do here at your site to help me along the way. Thank you for helping us folks who are even pulling kids out of public schools because sometimes that specific area is not always approached as much as those who have/are homeschooling from ground up.

    • says

      I was wanting to scoot by here early to welcome you, but I get a fair number of emails this time of year and just take my time going through them all because I answer every one. I am SO glad to have you here.

      I really feel like what I have to offer is very unique because it does come from years and years of helping new homeschoolers and NOT just my own experience. I love new homeschoolers. They bring an excitement to homeschooling that keeps me going too.

      So glad to have you here and take your time going through my free bootcamp and be sure you are following my blog JUST for new homeschoolers on New Bee Homeschooler too.

      Check out my program too!!

    • says

      Hey Stephanie,

      YOU CAN DO THIS! Just think about learning right ALONGSIDE her. You will do great. I have TONS of info here. Glad to have you here and take your time reading the 31 day free Boot Camp.

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