Free Student Planner–Undated Calendar {Girly Girl Set}

I love my kids.  I don’t want to sound corny, but I love your kids too and wanted something that would make them excited about using their free student planners.  So today, I am sharing some some free undated calendar-like pages.  I’ll explain in a minute about it.

Last year with the move here to WordPress, my time was consumed with making the change over to WordPress for my blog.  I really didn’t get to make as many updates and new additions to my free student planner that I would liked to have made.  I guess in a way, my to do list may be really huge this year for printables that I want to add both to my student planner and 7 step homeschool planner.

Too, like I mentioned I wanted something for your kids that they would hopefully think is smokin’ hot and would breathe some life into their organizational efforts.  Color and pizzazz do it all the time for me in my curriculum planner and well I want something special for them too.  Just like learning, the organization itch should start early and we should be passing on some of our organizational habits to our kids.  Like us, they want things that are pretty too and so finally, I have one set created as your kids and my kids have been on my mind.

Curriculum Pages for Planner

So this is the first of two sets.  Girls first and I started with a set just for them.  And even though I don’t have any girls, though one day far, far, far off in the future, I hope to have the most sweetest daughter-in-laws ever, I know you probably have one or two sweet girls.

With them in mind, I have created the first set of undated calendar-like pages called Girly Girl.

Free Student Planner Undated Calendar Girly Girl Set

Kids have such unique needs and helping my boys to manage their deadlines and appointments, I have created a set with them in mind.

Oh sure, if you want this for your planner, please use it.  I just created it a little bit different and more whimsical.  Here is how to use it:

  • First, it is undated so that means it can be used year after year.  Well maybe what is first is the fact that it is colorful.  Lots and lots of color. You know my obsession with colorful planners.  Too, it starts with July and goes through June just like all my year round homeschooling planning forms do.
  • Then, it has a column to the right of the number to fill in the weekdays for that month.  Let your girls do that because once they start writing in their planner, they can claim ownership.  Just use the first letter or two of the weekday like this: “M” is Monday, “Tu” is Tuesday, and etc.
  • The next section for dates is different than our needs as teachers who plan.  It can be used to track deadlines, dates, or appointments if they have them or to fill in about field trips or things they want to journal.  It is a lot more flexible because sometimes they need more of a to-do list or a space to write about how they feel or about events coming up.  Also, one things that I notice with my boys is that they like to fill in events or journal after they happen.  So they really are not different than us in that respect. They probably have more to say and we as planners, have more things to fill in about upcoming events.  So that is the slight difference and my form reflects that little tweak.
  • So the larger box on the far right is big enough to track their notes for the week.  They can use a check off system by checking the colorful circles or just write down what they need to remember.  This type of place allows your child to track his assignments.  As your kids get older, I know you will be assigning long term projects and part of shuffling adult size decisions is learning now to track them and write them down.

The calendar-like pages are more like a place to track tasks, notes and a space to keep their own calendar.

In the years past, I had just printed off a 2 page spread for the curriculum planner for my boys, but again students needs are quite different than ours.

They also need a place to doodle and this calendar-like set is so much more flexible.  There is a box at the top of each month too where that they can doodle or they can use that box for writing in priorities for that month, depending on their age.

As your child gets older, priorities become a must as they juggle volunteering, working, learning to drive and doing school.

I love this new set for the girls and you know what that means.  Yep, the Manly Man set is coming next for the guys.

I hope your daughters perk up a bit with their planners and again, if you like it, you know I love ya, so knock yourself out if you find this fits a need you have.  If you are going to use it, share with me how you think you will use it. I would love to hear how you use it too.

Free Student Planner–Undated Calendar {Girly Girl Set}


Hugs and love ya,

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My Conundrum + Organized Student Planner

I have had a conundrum (in other words a great big huge mess) over the last few weeks on the Student Planner page. So I have been doing some “cleaning and organizing”. I know, try to contain your excitement.

Create Free Unique Student Planners @ Tina's Dynamic Homeschool Plus

I just wanted you to know though that I have finished updating the student planner page and have decided to keep the Student Planner at my sister site, New Bee Homeschooler.

Sometimes the curriculum planner can be overwhelming to first time visitors, let alone the Student Planner and Home Management Binder. By keeping them on my sister site, New Bee Homeschooler, I am hoping to keep it organized and simple for visitors by separating my forms between my blog and my site.

I have something else in the works too. Kelley and I have a huge Pinterest party planned on my blog for this coming Monday! We have reached 20K followers on Pinterest and will be celebrating. We thought we would have one more week, but we reached it this week so PARTYYYYY time. We figured you could use the extra moolah. Giving away Amazon e-gift cards the winners could buy what they wanted.

New Bee Homeschooler @ Tina's Dynamic Homeschool Plus Reacher 20K Pinterest Followers

Watch for the details to enter!

With all the life updates, blog moving/updates, and social media growing, it has kept me hopping.  But, we have finally started with our first unit study and lapbook for the year.

We are starting our year off with a focus on South America. When we studied the Rainforest quite a few years back, the boys were much younger and we just focused on the Amazon. This year, we want to make a continent study and focus on the countries of the area and maybe a closer focus at the Galapagos Islands and Machu Picchu.

That is why I love unit studies so much. Just build on what you have already studied and add more of the fascinating details.

I will be sharing my unit study/lapbook with you gradually after the Pinterest Party.

South America Unit Study @ Tina's Dynamic Homeschool Plus

Watch for the details Monday for the party and I hope that I haven’t completely confused you with my conundrum mess on the Student Planner.

We are actually doing a bit of school today. Have to love homeschooling when you can squeeze some school in on Saturday, but then again I was never one for following too many rules.

Hugs and love ya,

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Free Student Planners _ Covers now EDITABLE

Are you enjoying my 31 day series? I normally don’t throw all these posts to you at one time, but I have been waiting a longgg time to write them. Side note here : If you get overwhelmed reading them, remember my blog is a no stress zone. Read them at your leisure because they will be on my blog at this category: 31 Day Boot Camp for New Homeschoolers on my Blog.

Too, I have been enjoying your comments.  I know even seasoned veterans benefit from a refresher and that has been a side benefit for me also. The workshops give me a chance to get stoked about the new year after hearing from new bees and seasoned veterans alike.

Just to catch you up on what else I have been doing because I have some new faces here, but the Mr. is still recovering from his procedure. We have one more trip to the hospital so my summer didn’t go as planned as we didn’t really have much of one with the Mr. in/out of the hospital.

My back to school may be a bit delayed, but I prepare for it anyway. Also, I am still moving over quite a bit of content from my New Bee Homeschooler site to my blog. Right now I am working on bringing over my Student Planner.

I started creating my Student Planner a little after creating my Curriculum Planner that is now on my blog. But I wasn’t blogging when I created either planner so I want you to know I have a Student Planner too.

I know some of you have already started getting ready for the new year so I wanted to point out a few things to you about my Student Planner.

1) That I JUST now am starting to move it over to my blog, so most of it is still on my New Bee Homeschooler Site.

Student Planners and Covers @ Tina Dynamic Homeschool Plus

2) The most important thing I wanted you to know was that I have spent several days updating the covers to have ALL of them, except one, to be editable.

The editable boxes contain: The school year, grade and name of student for you to type in.

I have over 15 choices in covers and will continue to grow this planner like I have my Curriculum Planner.

3) The updated covers are on THIS blog post only for right now, until I create a page for them on my blog. It takes a while to edit over 15 pictures or covers.

So just giving you the heads up to NOT grab the covers from that main page site, but again grab them below.

4.) After downloading the covers from this blog post, choose the rest of it from New Bee Homeschooler until I get it all moved over to my blog.

Here are all the covers in a editable pdf and instead of waiting to send them to you with a thumbnail picture so you know what you are downloading, I will let you be surprised as you download each one.  There is a mix of boy and girl covers.

This is the one not editable because of the slanted text box.

I know it’s a lot of printables to throw at you, but I would rather you have them and they be updated than to not have them for when you decide to plan.

I hope you enjoy the new updated editable covers.

The series will rock on and I have more back to school printables coming!

Hugs and love ya much,

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